Will Microsoft be satisfied with the penetration of Windows 10 at the end of 2017?

We’re entering the last month of 2017, a year that has been key to Microsoft, specially referring to its new OS, Windows 10.

These months we’ve seen the bigger updates that the people from Redmond have launched for Windows 10 users, the Creators Update and Fall Creators Update, both filled with new features and improvements to the old features of the system. We have to keep in mind that, after 2 years in the market, what the higher-ups at Microsoft didn’t expect, is that the biggest «enemy» of its most recent, advanced and safe OS, was under their own roof.

We’re talking about Windows 7, one of the most successful iterations of Windows’ history. It has had tremendous support from millions of users for the last few years. And even though Windows 10 is a more advanced software and from a developer point of view, much safer, many users are taking longer than usual in deciding whether to change to the newest installment or stay at the old one that they are used to, this was unexpected for Microsoft.

In July 2015, they made a public prediction from Redmond stating that, by this time of the year (the end of 2017), its most modern system would be up and running in around 1.000 million devices around the world, a number that will not be even close to be reached. The CEO of the firm has given official data this week of Windows 10 reach in the market, not bad numbers.

Nearing the end of 2017, Windows latest version is installed and working on over 600 million devices, as SoftZone said, this doesn’t only include PCs, desktops and laptops, this means every kind of device, including the Surface.

Windows 10 This data obviously is distant from the 1.000 million predicted before, but Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is optimistic with actual Windows 10 market growth so far. Some experts suspected a few months ago that after the Fall Creators Update, the most recent version of the system from Redmond would finally reach or even surpass the market reach of Windows 7, this is really unlikely too.

Windows 10 grows, slowly but surely

Microsoft is optimistic that Windows 10 is getting a better market share as the months go by compared to its competitors, especially referencing the aforementioned Windows 7. If we go deeper in the last data published about the market reach of the different versions of Windows, reveals that the actual number of Windows 10 users has reached 31,95%, this number means that the Fall Creators Update has manage to bring in many users these last weeks.

On the other side, this month Windows XP has reached a significant low in its use, going from 7,64% to 5,73% of reach in one month only. The leader of the market with an approximate difference of 12 points, is Windows 7, with a 43,12% of acceptance, this makes it very clear that its «big brother» will not catch up to him in the end of 2017.

Even though Microsoft has launched a sort of anti-Windows 7 campaign that has, in some way, tried to discredit its own system, with the intention of making the users migrate to the newest system.

Windows 10 One of the aforementioned campaign’s main point has been the security, Redmond considers that, due to the time Windows 7 has been out it is not a safe OS anymore.

This has made most of the brands efforts go to improving Windows 10, something we’ve seen in these years biggest updates, we’ll see another one in spring 2018 with the Redstone 4 that is in development. The company hopes that the next year, will be the one that makes Windows 10 sector leader once and for all.

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