Iiyama has two new monitors gaming in its gamma G-master

The maker of computerĀ“s monitor Iiyama, has recently introduced two new monitors gaming, from its popular series of monitors G-Master. The new monitors with the name of GB273OQS and G3266HS incorporate new technologies to the large monitor catalogue the trademark has. It includes its first monitor of curved screen, which was not included before in the mentioned catalogue.

The catalogue of monitor gaming of the market is still growing in an unstoppable way. You already have them in all colors, odors, and flavors, so, the players can choose the monitor that really meets their needs either space or games.

Even so, I do not think there is overabundance of monitors. It is also true that the monitor is one of the peripheral that is less changed during the useful life of the computer. Basically, a monitor can be with us several years without it becomes short.

The course the Industry has taken related to the gaming monitors, is not less interesting. Every time they are bigger, and the 32 inches monitors are not a really spectacular thing, so that as the time goes on, they become more common on most of the users desks.





The new monitors G-Master will incorporate AMD FreeSync

The Iiyama monitors are named G-Master GB2730QS and G3266HS. The first of them, so that it is so easy to predict, has a 27 inches screen with resolution 1440p. As the second, in spite of having a screen sized 32 inches, it has just a resolution of 1080p. A so low resolution in such a big monitor is clearly a step back, in my opinion. And of course, I perfectly understand that there are people to whom it is far better such low resolution in a so big monitor because they have vision problems, but it does not match with most of the users that nowadays use these very same monitors.

The 27 inches model is characterized by having AMD FreeSync technology with a time response of 1 ms and a refresh time of 75 Hz. In both cases, the panels the monitors use are panels with VA technology. Which means that, in both cases, the monitors will be able to represent the blacks authentically.

In both of the cases the firm has used a good number of entries of video signals. So that they are one VGA entry, other DVI entry, another HDMI entry, and finally, a DisplayPort entry.

So far, Iiyama has not made comments about the prices of these new monitors, and it will not do either, when they had been sent into the market.

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