Google Chrome for Android will allow users to customize the downloads folder

Google Chrome There’s no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most popular mobile browsers, as well as the most popular one on Android. Well, amidst all of the app’s constant changes in its updates, there will be changes in the customization of Chrome for Android downloads.

A couple months ago, we told you the news about the new Chrome 61 for Android version, which included many new features to better exploit our mobile phone, although not as important as the one we just discovered.

Chrome for Android will improve downloads

One of the basic options in a browser is the customization of the way in which we download files to the device. Typically, in the desktop versions we can choose the folder where the files will be downloaded to. Something not so common in the mobile browsers, at least when we take a look at Google Chrome for Android. As we got to know, thanks to XDA, this important feature could be found soon in the Android browser.

Google Chrome Usually, Chrome for Android downloads are stored in /Downloads inside of /data/media/user, something that no doubt can be a problem when we have little space in the smartphone. Once we tap the screen to download something, we are only asked if we wish to download the file, not to which place in the device’s storage we’d like to download it to. And what’s most important, not being able to choose the external card slot, to give the internal storage a break.

Google Chrome Now we know that Chromium, the most recent open source Chrome version, has introduced an important change in its last version, Nightly, in which a new command can be introduced with this line:

Even though when introducing this line in Chrome’s navigation bar the option can’t be activated, it is clear that we are in front of a feature that allows to “change the default location for storing downloads” in the Android version. It would, undoubtedly, be a well-received new browser feature and one of the most transcendent and celebrated by Android users. It is likely that if this feature is available in Chromium it will definitely be available for Android in the near future.

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