First AMD Ryzen laptop trials: leaving Intel behind

AMD Ryzen arrived in March to revolutionize the performance-price relationship of processors. In multithread tasks the AMD processors surpass Intel’s by far and they cost the same, while in monothread tasks Intel’s processors are still leading thanks to a bigger frequency and a better IPC.

AMD Ryzen for laptops is causing a splash

Besides the desktop-computer’s processors, AMD Ryzen will have laptop processors. Desktop Ryzens don’t have graphic cards integrated, while laptop processors will because they are necessary in laptops and Intel, the competition, has them.

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First AMD Ryzen laptop trialsEven though there’s still no specific date for the launch (it will be before the end of the year), they are manufacturing the first units. These have started to appear on Geekbench and 3DMark 11, some of the most used performance tests.

The specific model that appeared was the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U. Within its features it has 4 cores and 8 threads working at 2 GHz. The Geekbench test’s score was 4.1.1. In monocore it reached 3.561 points and in multicore 9.421 points. In 3Dmark it reached 3.799 points against 3.033 of the i7-7600U. Keep in mind that this AMD model is one of the middle range ones, so the high range ones will be much more powerful.

AMD Ryzen’s mobile processors could surpass even Intel’s most powerful processors for laptops

The Geekbench score puts the AMD monocore processor at the same level of an Intel Core i5-7200U. But what really shows the potential of this processors is the multicore performance, which puts them on top of the range of the i7-7660U for light laptops. This Intel chip has 8.740 Geekbench points and to find one of similar performance to the AMD we need to go to processors such as the i5-6300HQ for high performance gaming laptops or the i5-3450 for desktop computers. Regarding other AMD’s desktop chips, it would be close to the AMD Ryzen 3 1200, which scored 9.690 points.

It’s not weird that Intel decided to launch de Intel Core i7 8th generation starting with laptops and with upgrades of up to 40% in comparison to the previous generation (since it has more cores), since this segment will also be shaken by AMD in the next months. Not only in the performance spectrum but also at a graphic level, since these processors will equal Vega’s graphic cards, even though they will not be as powerful as the desktop ones. Still, these graphic cards will definitely be more powerful than the ones integrated in Intel, so the blue company’s fear is twice as big with the arrival of this processors.

For this reason, and seeing the close relationship of AMD with Apple, it wouldn’t be strange it next year we saw MacBooks equipped with AMD Ryzen processors instead of Intel’s. Besides being more powerful in existing tasks such as video processing, they will also have a better performance in games, since they have more powerful graphic cards. All of this keeping a very low energy consumption.

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