Monthly Archives: December 2017

Apacer now has its own SSDs M.2 PCIe NVMe, the Apacer Z280

The maker Apacer has announced the launching of its new units of solid state Z280, the SSD that are coming with the already usual format M.2 with interface PCI-Express 3.0 x 4 and suitable with protocol NVMe, capable to give theoretic speeds of until 2750 MB/s of reading and 1500 MB/s of writing. Nowadays, Almost […]

First AMD Ryzen laptop trials: leaving Intel behind

AMD Ryzen arrived in March to revolutionize the performance-price relationship of processors. In multithread tasks the AMD processors surpass Intel’s by far and they cost the same, while in monothread tasks Intel’s processors are still leading thanks to a bigger frequency and a better IPC. AMD Ryzen for laptops is causing a splash Besides the […]

Best Back-to-School laptops of 2017

  It is almost time to go Back to School with September’s imminent arrival. For this reason, we will recommend you the best laptops and tablets to use this year at schools, institutes and universities based on the most important criteria for this kind of usage: light devices with lots of battery or powerful gaming […]

The 10 best Wi-Fi Mesh systems for 2018

In 2017 Wi-Fi Mesh technology has settled in to our homes. In professional environments it’s very common to have roaming Wi-Fi, but in the home environment, this didn’t happen until Wi-Fi Mesh systems entered the scene. Do you want to buy a Wi-Fi mesh system and don’t know which to choose? In this article we […]

The 5 most common hacker techniques you need to know

Illegal activities to obtain unauthorized information are known as piracy or unethical hacking. This is done by modifying the system characteristics and exploiting its loopholes. In this world where most of the things happen on the net, piracy provides more and more opportunities for the hackers to obtain unauthorized access to unclassified information, such as […]