Luxury smartphones with the best price-quality relationship you can buy right now

When we think about buying a smartphone and the budget is a priority, in many cases we tend to buy something close to 200 dollars, where we have good options from which to choose. ¿What happens when we can spend a little more, say, up to 500? What happens is that if we make a bit of research we can find really good devices for a reduced price.

One of the characteristics of the smartphone market is that their prices go down very fast. In some cases, we’ve seen how in a few months prices have dropped 30 or 40%. This drops in prices open a market not so well known, but very interesting for the ones willing to roll up their sleeves and search for offers, because, even though some of devices are a year old, they are good options if our budget can take it.


Google Chrome for Android will allow users to customize the downloads folder

Google Chrome There’s no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most popular mobile browsers, as well as the most popular one on Android. Well, amidst all of the app’s constant changes in its updates, there will be changes in the customization of Chrome for Android downloads.

A couple months ago, we told you the news about the new Chrome 61 for Android version, which included many new features to better exploit our mobile phone, although not as important as the one we just discovered.


The 5 most common hacker techniques you need to know

hacker techniques

Illegal activities to obtain unauthorized information are known as piracy or unethical hacking. This is done by modifying the system characteristics and exploiting its loopholes. In this world where most of the things happen on the net, piracy provides more and more opportunities for the hackers to obtain unauthorized access to unclassified information, such as credit card details, email details and other personal information.

For this reason, it is important to know some of the piracy techniques commonly used to obtain personal information.


Almost 70% of all malware is directed to Android, while iOS is rarely a victim of these

Security in your device is one of the most delicate subjects, whether we talk about desktop environments or mobile devices, products based on the Google system, Android, are by far the preferred target of developers of all type of malware.

We’ve known this for a long time, but it seems to be getting worse for users of Android devices, something was proved again thanks to studies published by tech giant, Nokia. This has been of great use to the community, allowing us to get a more accurate idea through data on the difference in attacks received by the three most important operating systems of the moment, Android, Windows and iOS.


Will Microsoft be satisfied with the penetration of Windows 10 at the end of 2017?

We’re entering the last month of 2017, a year that has been key to Microsoft, specially referring to its new OS, Windows 10.

These months we’ve seen the bigger updates that the people from Redmond have launched for Windows 10 users, the Creators Update and Fall Creators Update, both filled with new features and improvements to the old features of the system. We have to keep in mind that, after 2 years in the market, what the higher-ups at Microsoft didn’t expect, is that the biggest «enemy» of its most recent, advanced and safe OS, was under their own roof.


Iiyama has two new monitors gaming in its gamma G-master

The maker of computer´s monitor Iiyama, has recently introduced two new monitors gaming, from its popular series of monitors G-Master. The new monitors with the name of GB273OQS and G3266HS incorporate new technologies to the large monitor catalogue the trademark has. It includes its first monitor of curved screen, which was not included before in the mentioned catalogue.

The catalogue of monitor gaming of the market is still growing in an unstoppable way. You already have them in all colors, odors, and flavors, so, the players can choose the monitor that really meets their needs either space or games.