Install Android 8 (Oreo) on the Moto G5 thanks to this LineageOS ROM

Moto G5 We already saw that Android Oreo is just around the corner for several phones, and this year it seems that updates are rolling out faster than usual. Today, we bring you a tutorial to update your Moto G5 to Android Oreo thanks to this LineageOS 15 ROM.

Motorola has always been one of the fastest brands in terms of updates and one of the best in terms of support for its users. We already saw that Motorola had confirmed the latest Android version update for its mid-end lineup, but today we have an installation tutorial for those people who do not want to wait and those who dare to install ROMs.


ASUS AiMesh: The solution found by the manufacturer so its routers have Wi-Fi Mesh

ASUS AiMeshThe main network equipment manufacturers have Wi-Fi Mesh devices, and thanks to said devices there is Wi-Fi roaming in our homes, therefore the user never gets disconnected when changing from one node to another. Normally, high-end routers do not have the Wi-Fi Mesh feature because they have special devices, such as the ASUS Lyra and the ASUS Lyra Mini, to get said feature. ASUS has now launched ASUS AiMesh, a technology that has been built into the brand’s high-end routers to allow them to have Wi-Fi Mesh.


Apacer now has its own SSDs M.2 PCIe NVMe, the Apacer Z280

The maker Apacer has announced the launching of its new units of solid state Z280, the SSD that are coming with the already usual format M.2 with interface PCI-Express 3.0 x 4 and suitable with protocol NVMe, capable to give theoretic speeds of until 2750 MB/s of reading and 1500 MB/s of writing.

Nowadays, Almost all of the makers of storage devices have in their catalog a model of a SSD with these characteristics, and this is the one that Apacer has showed up. It mounts chips of MLC memory although the maker has not identified who were they made by, neither they have said anything about the control they do. Nevertheless, in the published photo you can see that the chips of memory are Toshiba´s. So it is easy to guess that it is about the usual 3D NAND Flash of 15 nm.


First AMD Ryzen laptop trials: leaving Intel behind

AMD Ryzen arrived in March to revolutionize the performance-price relationship of processors. In multithread tasks the AMD processors surpass Intel’s by far and they cost the same, while in monothread tasks Intel’s processors are still leading thanks to a bigger frequency and a better IPC.

AMD Ryzen for laptops is causing a splash

Besides the desktop-computer’s processors, AMD Ryzen will have laptop processors. Desktop Ryzens don’t have graphic cards integrated, while laptop processors will because they are necessary in laptops and Intel, the competition, has them.

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Best Back-to-School laptops of 2017


It is almost time to go Back to School with September’s imminent arrival. For this reason, we will recommend you the best laptops and tablets to use this year at schools, institutes and universities based on the most important criteria for this kind of usage: light devices with lots of battery or powerful gaming laptops with a reduced weight.

Light laptops with lots of battery for 2017 Back-to-School

Going to class every day with a laptop makes it important to look for a light laptop with a battery that lasts long. Luckily, the last couple of years big laptop manufacturers have offered light devices with more and more benefits.


The 10 best Wi-Fi Mesh systems for 2018

 Wi-Fi Mesh systems In 2017 Wi-Fi Mesh technology has settled in to our homes. In professional environments it’s very common to have roaming Wi-Fi, but in the home environment, this didn’t happen until Wi-Fi Mesh systems entered the scene. Do you want to buy a Wi-Fi mesh system and don’t know which to choose? In this article we present you with the 10 best Wi-Fi mesh systems on the market.


Luxury smartphones with the best price-quality relationship you can buy right now

When we think about buying a smartphone and the budget is a priority, in many cases we tend to buy something close to 200 dollars, where we have good options from which to choose. ¿What happens when we can spend a little more, say, up to 500? What happens is that if we make a bit of research we can find really good devices for a reduced price.

One of the characteristics of the smartphone market is that their prices go down very fast. In some cases, we’ve seen how in a few months prices have dropped 30 or 40%. This drops in prices open a market not so well known, but very interesting for the ones willing to roll up their sleeves and search for offers, because, even though some of devices are a year old, they are good options if our budget can take it.


Google Chrome for Android will allow users to customize the downloads folder

Google Chrome There’s no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most popular mobile browsers, as well as the most popular one on Android. Well, amidst all of the app’s constant changes in its updates, there will be changes in the customization of Chrome for Android downloads.

A couple months ago, we told you the news about the new Chrome 61 for Android version, which included many new features to better exploit our mobile phone, although not as important as the one we just discovered.


The 5 most common hacker techniques you need to know

hacker techniques

Illegal activities to obtain unauthorized information are known as piracy or unethical hacking. This is done by modifying the system characteristics and exploiting its loopholes. In this world where most of the things happen on the net, piracy provides more and more opportunities for the hackers to obtain unauthorized access to unclassified information, such as credit card details, email details and other personal information.

For this reason, it is important to know some of the piracy techniques commonly used to obtain personal information.


Almost 70% of all malware is directed to Android, while iOS is rarely a victim of these

Security in your device is one of the most delicate subjects, whether we talk about desktop environments or mobile devices, products based on the Google system, Android, are by far the preferred target of developers of all type of malware.

We’ve known this for a long time, but it seems to be getting worse for users of Android devices, something was proved again thanks to studies published by tech giant, Nokia. This has been of great use to the community, allowing us to get a more accurate idea through data on the difference in attacks received by the three most important operating systems of the moment, Android, Windows and iOS.